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Randlay Primary School and Nursery

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Staff list

Come and meet the friendly staff at Randlay Primary School.

Mrs L Stolic - Headteacher

Senior Management Team

Miss K Parkinson. Assistant Headteacher
Mrs K White. Assistant Headteacher

Nursery Team

Mrs K White. EYFS Leader, Nursery Teacher
Mrs J Radusin. Nursery HLTA
Miss S Reid. Nursery HLTA
Miss C Kimberley. Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Baronet. Teaching Assistant


Miss L Griffin. (Class Teacher - Maternity leave)
Miss K Yeates (Class Teacher Base 2 Maternity Cover)
Miss B Breese. (Class Teacher Base 12)
Mrs S Fryer. Class Teacher - Base 12
Mrs S Unwin. Teaching Assistant
Miss K Davies. Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Hussain. HLTA
Mrs C Bedding. Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Collins. Teaching Assistant

Key Stage 1 Team

Miss K Parkinson. KS1 Leader, Class Teacher - Base 8
Miss H Taylor. Class Teacher - Base 8
Mr L Nicholls. Class Teacher - Base 11
Miss J Owen. Class Teacher - Base 9
Mrs J Ball. Class Teacher - NQT support
Mrs G Harris. HLTA
Mrs B Massey. HLTA
Mrs K Seddon. Teaching Assistant
Miss K Sommerville. Teaching Assistant
Mr S Phillips. Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Spink. Teaching Assistant

Lower KS2 Team

Mrs K Hever. LKS2 Leader, Class Teacher - Base 7
Miss Watton. Class Teacher - Base 6
Miss S Lear. Class Teacher - Base 3
Mrs J Maddock. Class Teacher - Base 10
Mrs D White. HLTA
Miss A Lambton. Teaching Assistant
Miss K Allbutt. Teaching Assistant
Mr I Herring. Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Mantle. HLTA, Reading Support

Upper KS2 Team

Miss L Parry. UKS2 Leader, Class Teacher - Base 6
Mr J Coackley. Class Teacher - Base 5
Mrs L Birkett. HLTA
Miss J Griffiths. HLTA
Mrs V Jones. Teaching Assistant.
Mrs B Rodgers. Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Ward. Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sallows-Rigby. Teaching Assistant

Pastoral Team

Miss V Mantle. Pastoral Lead

Office Staff

Mrs S Aston. School Business Manager
Mrs M Blackford. Office Administrator
Miss Roberts. Office Administrator
Mrs C Sallows-Rigby. Office Absence cover

Lunchtime Supervisors and Kitchen Staff

Mrs S Laycock.Head Cook. Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mrs V Cosco. Cook. Cleaning Assistant
Mrs T Simcock. Cook. Cleaning Assistant
Mrs V Jones. Supervisory Assistant.
Mrs J Silk. Supervisory Assistant
Mrs J Lill. Supervisory Assistant
Mrs D Bridgewaters. Supervisory Assistant
Mrs B Rodgers. Supervisory Assistant
Miss K Sommerville. Supervisory Assistant


Mr P Johnson
School starts at 9am be on time