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Base 10

Welcome to Base 10!


                           This Year 4 Class is taught by    Mrs J Maddock.




and the wonderful teaching assistants


                                       Mrs Birkett                               and Mr Phillips.                       






We aim to work hard and be kind to one another.

Hello Summer Term!!

We will be travelling back to 43AD - to the beginning of Roman Britain. 



Our Summer Term class book:


Practise your times tables here - 6 seconds - 25 questions

In June, you will complete the official test. YOU CAN DO THIS!!


Good luck!


Summer Term PE days - Monday and Wednesday.

Our focus is Football and Outdoor adventurous activities. 


DT Health and Nutrition Lesson 1: Pesto Pasta

Our Spring Term Topic is...


During this topic, we will focus on three predators; sharks, polar bears and tigers. We will focus on their habitats around the globe, food chains involving the predator, prey and producer, and research some environmental issues too. There has been some incredible home learning produced on this topic already! 


  Wow!  Super effort!


Our guided reading sessions are based around this story:



We are thoroughly enjoying reading this text at the moment, and making predictions about what might happen next. Where did Finn's mum disappear to? Why is Charlie so mean? Will Finn's dad ever be happy again?


Base 10 children love to read their banded reading books but also books and newspapers for pleasure. We are in the process of creating book reviews based on our favourite book, in the hope that we can encourage others to share our love of reading too. 


Click on this link to find out what book we might want to choose next:

Reading Recommendations (


Every Tuesday we have:


This term, our focus is on DANCE, where we will using different body shapes, rhythms and levels to move as a predator; we will be inspired by 'The Carnival of the Animals' to produce a whole class contemporary dance piece. On Thursdays, we are out in the forest area for Outdoor Learning with Rachael. Don't forget your kit - it's going to be a chilly time out there so wrap up warm!

Base 10 are working hard in gymnastics to perfect their body shapes.

Gymnastics - body shapes




Outdoor Learning Spring Term 2022

A sample of our story setting descriptions, inspired by the book 'A River' by Marc Martin.

Music making in Base 10. Learning how to read notes D E F.

Our Design Technology Project this half term has involved making pop-up books based on The Water Cycle. The children worked really hard to create the different mechanisms on each page, yet at the same time, ensured that each page was full of useful information and illustrations. Once completed, Base 10 visited some of the EYFS and KS1 classes to share their pop up books with the children. They loved it!

Solids, Liquids and Gases

The whole school listened to important messages set in an assembly before completing work in classes on keeping safe online and how to show respect when playing online games.

Safer Internet Day 2022

On Friday 18th February, Scottish author Lindsay Littleson came to visit the children in Year 3 and 4 to reveal what it was like to be a successful children's author. She gave us a brief taste of her forthcoming book, The Rewilders, because our focus for next half term will be on Predators. It was lovely to welcome Lindsay into our school and ask her questions about life as an author. 

In the Autumn term we found out about...


The Stone Age



Our class book is for this half term was:


This book had some pretty gruesome information about the people who lived during the Stone Age.


During our Reading journal sessions, we will continue to read and answer questions based on:





Our Autumn term 1 theme is 


A lot of our work will focus around a certain famous Wizard! 

National Curriculum

If you would like to have an idea of what the children will be up to this year, the following link will give you access to the National Curriculum for Year 4. Take a deep breath and dive in! 



In Base 10 we expect to see at least five reading diary entries each week which are rewarded with an entry into the school's Friday book raffle. We promote a big love of reading in Base 10. We hope you love to read with your child at home too. Our class book is for this half term is:






This term, we will be going swimming every Thursday. How exciting! Our second P.E session will be taught by Mr Trainer the Crossbar coach on Tuesday morning.  Please send your child into school wearing their PE kit. The school P.E uniform consists of a white t-shirt, black or blue jumper/sweatshirt, black or blue shorts/joggers and trainers/plimsolls.  No football kits are allowed. 


The swimming pool we swim in.


       Look how smart we look for PE!




Homework helps the children consolidate their learning or prepare for new subjects. It is set on a Friday and must be returned the following Thursday ready to be marked. In addition, the children are given spellings each Friday which they should practise in preparation for a test held the following Thursday - these are spellings they have been learning in the classroom during the week. Five of these words are taken from the rule we have been practising that week and five spellings are taken from the Common Exception Words list for Year 3/4. Please find a link to the full list below. 


Homework sent home


In Base 10 we love to use the laptops to play exciting maths games and we are currently practising our blogging skills using 2blog on Purple Mash.

School starts at 9am be on time