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History at Randlay

Key documents:

Black History Month 2020

In October 2020, Randlay took part in Black History Week. Years 5 and 6 attended a workshop held by Telford and Wrekin's Multicultural Development Team alongside TAARC (Telford African and Afro-Caribbean Resource Centre). 

UKS2 also learnt about the life of Katherine Johnson, one of the first female mathematicians to work for NASA. She was forced to overcome many obstacles to reach her position: not only was she black but she was also a woman. We researched her life and compiled biographies. 

LKS2 found out more about the life of Mary Seacole, a nurse during the Crimean War. Mary has wanted to travel to the warzone to help nurse the wounded soldiers there but was refused. Not giving up, she funded her own trip there and provided a comfortable place for those injured soldiers to recuperate. After the war, Mary's efforts went unrewarded and she became very poor. The LKS2 children took part in many activities based on her life. 

KS1 learnt all about the life of Rosa Parks, who is most famous for her decision not to give up her seat for a white person in Montgomery, Alabama. Rosa was arrested for her action on that day. Her decision led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, during which the black community refused to travel on the bus. Eventually, as a result of this, segregation on buses there was banned. 

The children at Randlay also took part in an Art Competition held by TAARC to celebrate Black History 2020. Here are some of the best entries:

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