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Platinum Jubilee 2022

Whole School Art Project for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022

The children at Randlay are working together as one to create a whole school piece of art to commemorate the Queen's Jubilee! Each base has a different skill and artist to look at in order to design and create a butterfly!



Nursery - Colour mixing

B2 – Collage - Piet Mondrian


B12 – Paint - Jackson Pollock

B8 – Water colours - Kandinsky circles

B9 – Oil pastels – Picasso

B11 – Printing (natural materials)


B3 – Collage - Kurt Schwitters

B7 – Oil pastels – Van Gogh

B10 – Pointillism – Seurat


B4 – Water colours - Monet

B5 – Printing - Warhol

B6 – Collage – Kara Walker

Doors open at 8.35am and school starts at 8.45am be on time.