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At Randlay Primary School, we use Purple Mash and Teach Computing Curriculum schemes of work to deliver high quality Computing sessions to our children from Year 1 - 6.






In EYFS, children continue to be immersed in technology on a daily basis through use of ipads and role play areas that feature digital devices. We are hoping to purchase our own Cubetto soon (as shown below)




Useful Documents

After school on Tuesdays, some very talented Year 5 and 6 children visit Base 10 to learn some cool, quirky and clever computing tips from Mr Phillips. This term, they will be focusing on powerpoints tips and tricks, involving animation. They will also be developing their coding skills through Scratch, and will get to experience how to create and edit movies the Mr Phillips way. Watch this space....

Y5/6 Computing Club with Mr Phillips

Y3 / 4 Computing Lunch time club

Pupil Voice

Recently, Mrs Stolic and Mrs Maddock conducted some Pupil Voice with a range of children in KS1 and KS2 to get their perspectives on Computing at our school. 


Do you enjoy Computing?

"Yes, I like playing games." (Y1 child)

"Yes but it is annoying when we have to stop!" (Y2 child)

"We can achieve things." (Y2 child)

"Yes I like learning how robots work." (Y3 child)

"Yes you get to find out about interesting things online." (Y5 child)


What were you learning in your last Computing session?

"We learnt about fake news." (Y5 child)

"I learnt how to bring a picture into a powerpoint." (Y5 child)

"We have learnt how to create branching databases and think of good questions to include." (Y4 child)

"How to control a robot." (Y3 child)

"We did a story about an animal on the moon." (Y2 child)

"We learnt about sounds on Purple Mash." (Y1 child)


What do you have in the classroom that helps you learn in Computing?

"Working together in a team." (Y5 child stressing the importance of collaborative learning.)

"Teacher helps me and gives me confidence." (Y3 child)

"Sound mat helps us to type in." (Y1 child)


Do you feel that you are getting better at Computing? 

"Yes definitely. I can do more now." 

"I can find the fish - we made it go sideways." (Y2 child talking about a coding game played)

"I can find the letters to type quicker now." (Y2 child)

"Yes the work I have done looks good." (Y5 child)

"Yes I know how to sort information using a database now." (Y4 child)


Does Computing help you with others subjects? 

"In English, we have been given a question in our success criteria to search on a laptop." (Y4 child)

"It helps me with maths." (Y2 child talking about maths games played)

"English because it helps me to find words that are better like colossal." (Y2 child)

"You have a calculator on the computer!" (Y1 child)

"I have done some art on the computer." (Y5 child)

Computing Book Look

Each Monday this term, we have been fortunate to invite Richard Smith from Amazing ICT back into our school, for some specialist teaching and learning in Computing areas. The children and staff have found these sessions valuable and exciting, particularly when little robots have come out to play!          

School starts at 9am be on time