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Base 3

Welcome to Base 3


Miss Lear, Mrs Seddon and Mrs Spink work with this cohort of Year 3's. We have lots of exciting activities planned. Watch this space for updates!





Homework is set every Friday and needs to be completed by the following Thursday.

Spellings will be given out on Friday and are then tested the following Thursday.

Please tell staff if your child is struggling with their homework before it is due back so that we can help out.




Reading comments should be completed in the children's reading diaries.  If the children have read at least 4 times in year 3, then this is rewarded with a raffle ticket for our 'Big Book Draw' every Friday.  Children should make a comment each time they read, they should use the question starters in their diaries to help them to write comments.




PE is taught every Monday (outdoor) and Wednesday (outdoor).  Please come to school in your PE kit on those days. No jewellery is allowed during PE sessions. Earrings will need to be removed, if they cannot be removed your child will be given tape to cover them.



Lost Things!

We all lose things from time to time. Help us to reunite your child with their items by making sure things have their name in them!

Autumn 1


In Autumn 1 we had Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as our class read. This led our creative curriculum work as we looked at the journey of 'bean to bar'.


Here is some of the amazing work we have created!

We made our own Wonka Bars!

Black History Month

The Mixed Up Chameleon 

We started by looking at the book The Mixed Up Chameleon. From this we learnt that we're all different and that's ok because we are all perfect as we are. 

Our clay Mixed Up Chameleon

Mary Seacole

Next, we looked at the amazing life of Mary Seacole. We found out lots of amazing facts about her and the incredible things she did!


Here are some of the facts we learnt:


Darcy - "She was born in Kingston Jamaica".


Ethan - "She was a nurse".


Soraya - "She was born in 1805".


Max - "Britain turned down her help when she offered to help in Crimea" 


Oliver - "She travelled to Crimea". 


Rosie - "When she was in the Crimea she helped sick soldiers". 


Rubi - "We remember her because of the things she did and that she didn't let people hold her back".

We made a timeline of Mary's life!

We created a portrait of Mary Seacole using pointillism. We looked at the artist Georges Seurat and used in his style.

Autumn 2

Mirror, Mirror

During Autumn 2 we will be looking at the fairy tale Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.

School starts at 9am be on time