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Base 9

Welcome to Base 9!


 This Year 1 class is taught by Miss Pearson.

We also have Mrs Baronet working with us too.


In this class we always aim to try our best and be kind to each other.

Our summer term topic is.....


Scrumptious Garden!



During this topic, we will be designing and creating our own ideal vegetable garden.  We will also be learning about and planting a range of seeds to help us learn about the basic conditions needed for healthy growth.  The life cycle of a bee will also be explored, as well as the importance they have in the garden and for the life-cycle of plants.




In geography we will also be learning about different food sources both within Europe and from the wider world, and specific seasonal foods in the UK. We will also tie links to History, learning about locally grown foods and the different types of food that have been transported thanks to travel and trade.




In Base 9 we love learning to read and exploring books, stories, rhymes and songs. To help us learn, we have daily phonics sessions where we learn how to say and write our letter sounds. We also have three group reading sessions a week where we explore a decodable reading book. Our first session focuses on decoding the book, using our segmenting and blending skills. The second session explores reading with expression, and the third ensures we understand what our story is about and what all the words mean. 


Once we have read this book three times we can take it home for a week, where we can read it again. The school expectation is that this book is read at home at least 4 times and recorded in our reading record. This will really help us to develop not just our fluency, but also our love for reading. Not to mention, we can also earn a raffle ticket that might win us a book!


We also pick out a 'Reading for Pleasure' book each week and take it home in our book bags. We would love to share this book with you at home - maybe even as a special bed time story!


The reading for pleasure book is changed on Mondays, and the decodable book goes home on Fridays.

Reading for pleasure!

In year 1, we place a great emphasis on reading for pleasure and are always finding opportunities within the school day to share a range of stories and texts to help nurture a love of reading.


We love to hear about the children's favourite stories and have recently introduced a reading for pleasure book, where the children are able to choose a book they enjoy to share at home for a week.


In English, this term we will be sharing a range of stories related to our topic of Scrumptious Garden, including the Enormous Turnip!


Our P.E. session day is Tuesday, which is delivered by Mr Trainor the Crossbar Coach. On Thursday's this term we are fortunate enough to have Outdoor learning.  

Don't forget to bring your wellies!     




The school uniform for P.E. is a white polo top or purple Randlay top, black shorts or trousers, and black pumps or black trainers. It would be greatly appreciated if all pupils could come to school in the correct uniform for these two days.


We will now be sending maths homework every week to complete. This will be sent home on a Friday and we ask that it is returned to school by the following Thursday. Thank you.


Our Spring term topic is...


Moon Mission!


During this topic we will learn about the history of the moon buggy, why it is important and compare how the designs have changed. We will use these designs to help us to design and create our own moon buggy.


We will also learn about different materials and their properties and which material would be the best to build a rocket out of.


Signs of Spring!

Making our own Space Pizza!

We have been learning about the modern day astronaut Tim Peake, and how he lived on the International Space Station for 6 months! As part of our topic we learnt about the different space foods and the properties they need to have, including having a long shelf life and not being fresh ingredients. We then created our own space pizza's using our knowledge of what we had learnt about the different foods and how there could not be any crumbs.

We all agreed they were the BEST pizza's we had ever had!

Amazing ICT workshop!

Space Camp!

World Book Day!

Science- 11.02.2022

In science we have been learning about different materials and their properties. Base 9 really enjoyed exploring questions that sparked some interesting discussions about what would happen if all objects were made of the same material or if we banned paper from schools. The children came up with some really interesting ideas, some of which are below.

Science: Exploring questions about materials.

PSHE- 10.02.2022


Today we were exploring collaboration and how we can work well in a team. We were set the task of building the tallest rocket, but we had to work as a team and communicate. The finished products are pretty amazing!

Who can build the tallest rocket?

Over the past few weeks we have been designing and creating our own moon buggies. Once we had finished building them we investigated which surface was the best for our moon buggies to travel on. Our prediction was the lino flooring, but we found out that the moon buggies travelled further on the carpet.

Moon Buggy Testing!

31.01.2022- Richard Smith workshop


Today we had a workshop on coding. We learnt how to input a code using Purple Mash to make the different sea creatures move in different directions, and how to correct a code. We also had chance to create our own code and choose which sea creatures we wanted and the direction we wanted them to move in!

Computing Workshop: Coding!

Computing: Creating our own animation stories!

In computing we have been exploring Purple Mash using 2Create a story to create our own eBooks. We started by designing our own characters and adding text and then have explored different types of animation, from making our characters turn upside down to shrinking or growing in size.

Moon Mission Introduction

Base 9 were surprised to find lots of different materials out on their playground. We discussed where they might have come from, and some of the children thought they were from a rocket that had crashed onto the playground from space.

Our task was to sort the materials into their different categories and this is what we came up with.

Moon Mission: Space Junk material sort.

Keep your eye on this page for more exciting activities and adventures to come!

School starts at 9am be on time