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Welcome to Nursery!

Hi everyone and welcome to Nursery! 

Your teachers this year are Miss Griffin and Mrs Fryer. As of Summer Term Mrs Fryer will now be teaching Year 5. In Nursery we will now be joined by Mrs Harris and supported by Mrs White. 


Miss Griffin, Mrs Harris, Mrs Radusin and Miss Reid will be Key Workers this year. We will be supported by Miss Mincher and Mrs Ashton. You may have already been informed of your child's key worker, but if you are unsure, please ask us in Nursery. We are more than happy to help.


In Nursery, Play is at the heart of everything we do! We plan hard to meet children's needs and interests so if your child develops new interests please do let us know!




We love to be independent, to explore, to learn and to grow and we can't wait to show you everything we have been learning! 


Our Summer Term Theme is ....

Castles and Crowns




Story focus within this theme:

Within this theme, we will look at different traditional stories and how traditional stories are structured. We will use story maps, story sacks, props, dressing up and role play to retell the stories. Can they come home and tell each story to you? 


Ask your child what happened at the beginning, middle and ending. 


Who are the main characters. 


We will also be using the stories to investigate other areas of learning such as Understanding of the World. In the Frog Prince, the princess drops her golden ball in the well, so we will be investigating floating and sinking. Why do some things float and some things sink?


Our PE days this term are:


Wednesday Morning (for both 30 hour funded children and morning children)

Friday Afternoon (For both 30 hour funded children and afternoon children)


Please ensure your child comes to school wearing appropriate clothing and footwear for PE. 


This term we will be focussing on listening and attention skills. Children will be able to follow instructions and explore what their bodies can do. 


We will also look at ball skills. Can your child throw and catch large objects including balls. Can they aim at a target?


Little Explorers

Our Little Explorers day is MONDAY. We will endeavour to do Little Explorers fortnightly. On this day, please provide wellies in a named bag for your child. If you would like them to stay in school, please notify a member of staff. We may not do  Little Explorers every week but please ensure your 

Little Explorers is Randlay's version of 'Forest Schools'. With the new EYFS framework it is more important now than ever to get children outside learning and exploring nature. Each session we will plan activities with your child that relate to our theme or the book of the week. Here are some photos of what we have done so far...

School starts at 9am be on time