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Pupil Voice - March 2022

Some of the KS1 and KS2 children worked with Miss Watton to talk about History at Randlay. 

What do you think History is?

  Year 2: "We learn about the past."

Year 1: "We learn about things in the past and today."

Year 5: "We find out about the past."

Year 4: "We learn about people from the past."


Do you enjoy History? Why? 

Year 2: "I like learning about old and new things."

Year 1: "I get to learn things I didn’t know before."

Year 5: "Yes because we get to find out about the past, like the English monarchs."

Year 6: "I really enjoyed Ancient Greece and the Olympic Games."

Year 4: "I like that you get to build on what you already know from home."


What were you learning about in your last History session? 

Year 6: "We were learning about the links between the Egyptians and the Greeks. There was a man called Herodotus who visited Egypt. They found a plate there in the temple of Aphrodite – she was one of the Greek gods."

Year 5: "Naucratis was where the Greeks and Egyptians traded with each other. We learnt about the world's ancient civilisations: Sumer, Indus Valley, Shang Dynasty, Egyptians."

Year 4: "We learnt about the Industrial Revolution. They lived near the River Severn in Ironbridge because it gave them drinking water and they could float the things they made down the river."

Year 3: "We looked at parts of the UK and found the iron age hill forts. A hill fort was built on a hill because it was harder for people to get in."

Year 2: “The first men went to the moon in the 1960s”. 

Year 1: “We made poppies” “Why did you make poppies?” “To respect the soldiers who died in the war.”


What do you have in the classroom that helps you in History?

Year 3: "We have displays in classroom."

Year 5: "We had a Hieroglyphs poster on the wall during our Ancient Egypt topic."

Year 4: "The teachers help us if we need it."

Year 6: "We have timelines in the classroom and a timeline in the corridor. We can see what happened before and after the topic we're currently studying." 

Year 4: "We have books in the book corner [non-fiction books from the Shropshire Library Service]". 

Year 5: "We get to look at artefacts – some of them are copies as they would be too expensive in real life."


Does History help you with other subjects?

Year 6: "History helps with Geography – if you know a period of history you might know the terrain better. For example, you might know about the desert/river Nile through studying the Ancient Egyptians."

Year 5: "Your writing in English might be based on a history topic. In English, we wrote a newspaper report on the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. We learnt the facts in History for our writing."



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