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Cultural Capital


During this week we have tasted pomegranate, mango, avocado, kiwi, passion fruit, dried apricots, cucumbers, carrots, and peppers.


We also learnt about different food groups, how and why we stay hydrated and thought about food waste.


Healthy Eating Week Pupil Voice


Josie: “My favourite part was trying each fruit. My favourite was the passion fruit because it was juicy.”


Ryley: “My favourite fruit was the pomegranate because it was juicy and fresh.”


Harry John: “My favourites were the passionfruit and the pomegranate. Next time I’d like to have raspberries.”


Martha: “I like trying all the different fruits because they were all different in their own way.”


Grace: “My favourite was the passionfruit. It had a sweet tang to it.”


Poppy: “I liked trying all the fruits and vegetables. My favourites were the green beans and the kiwi. If we did it again, I would like to try strawberries and broccoli.”


Nursery children have enjoyed making fruit kebabs and trying passion fruit.


In Base 7 29/31 children tried something new this week and every child would eat something they have tried this week again!


In Base 10 the favourite vegetable was carrot however dried apricots were not so much of a hit!


Doors open at 8.35am and school starts at 8.45am be on time.