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Base 5

Welcome to Base 5


Mrs Fryer, Mrs Ward and Mrs Mantle

Hello and a very warm welcome to Base 5 - the year 5 class at Randlay Primary School and Nursery. My name is Mrs Fryer and here you will find all sorts of information about our class and what we will be getting up to this Summer! We are also really lucky to have Mrs Ward and Mrs Mantle working with us this year! 


In Base 5, we aim to give your child the best education through fun, exciting and thought provoking activities that inspire children to become independent learners!

We know how important this year is in your child's education, as they head towards their final year of primary education! The expectations in UKS2, as well as the standard of work is of a high level and we strive to make sure your children reach their full potential!

Summer Term 2022


Our topic this term is World War Two.

This term, we will be learning about the impact of the Second World War on British society, particularly focusing on the role of women and how this changed in the twentieth century. We will also focus on evacuation, rationing and the home front. 

Our Class Reader


This term we will be reading 'Letters from the Lighthouse' By Emma Carroll.


We weren't supposed to be going to the pictures that night... not when German bombs had been falling like pennies in a jar. 

February 1941

A bomb blast... 

A chance encounter... 

Her mother's coat.

This is all Olive can remember of the night her sister Sukie went missing. With London unsafe, Olive and her brother are evacuated to the Devonshire coast to stay with a mysterious lighthouse keeper. 

There, Olive must solve a mystery of her own: a strange coded note which seems to link Sukie to Devon and to something dark and impossibly dangerous. 

Spring Term

This term we are learning all about Ancient Egypt. In English, we will be looking at the discovery of Tutankhamun by Howard Carter and writing an newspaper report on this historical event.

Our artwork will be centred on the canopic jars used by the Ancient Egyptians during the mummification process. Children will analyse canopic jars from the past, before designing and sculpting their own.


In History and Geography, we will compare the Ancient Egyptian civilisation with others, such as the Indus Valley and Shang Dynasty, to explore their differences. We will also find out all about how the Egyptians traded with other settlements and discuss their key achievements and how these have impacted on modern day life. Our unit will conclude with a depth study, whereby children will explain what they have learnt and why Ancient Egypt had such an important role in the way the world is today. 



Our Class Reader

Hylays and Pirra have found their way to the mysterious land of Egypt in pursuit of the dagger of Koronos, only to find that the crows have got there first. Led by Hylas' deadly enemy, Telamon, they are determined to recover the legendary blade, by any means necessary.


In Base 5, homework will be given out on a Friday and will be expected to be handed in by the following Thursday. This will give the children a week to complete it. If they finish the homework before Friday they can bring it in early.

Spellings given out on a Friday will be tested on the following Friday.

Reading Expectations

Reading books and diaries need to be brought to school every day. Your child may change their book whenever they need to. Please continue to listen to your child read as often as you can; we expect children to be reading at home at least five times per week, writing a comment each time. If they accidentally leave their reading diary at school, they can write their comment on a scrap of paper ready to be copied in the following morning.

Children will be rewarded with a raffle ticket into the weekly draw if they achieve this weekly expectation of reading five times outside of school with comments for each read.

Children must try to include a retrieval, vocabulary and inference comment at least once a week. Assistance with how to write these types of comments can be found in the comments booklet that has been stuck in the middle of your child's reading diary.

PE and Crossbar in School

Please could the children have their PE kit in school all week as lessons may need to be swapped. Children should have a plain white T-shirt, black or navy shorts, socks and trainers as well as black or navy jogging bottoms.

We generally discourage the wearing of jewellery and for safety reasons, only stud earring may be worn – these must be removed or covered before participating in sport.

School starts at 9am be on time