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World Wise Week 2021

Randlay Primary School was very excited to take part in a Geography Week. The theme this year was 'Compassionate Geographers.' This gave us an opportunity to really look at the area we live in, what makes a good home and how we could improve the area. We were really proud of the work that the children completed!


In the EYFS we looked at different types of houses, who lives in these houses and what our own house looks like.

In KS1 we looked at the local area surrounding our school - Randlay. We looked at the Physical and Human features of the area. We also took part in some Fieldwork on our school grounds.

In KS2 we went on a walk around our local area, recording the human and physical features we could spot whilst also looking at grid references. We complied everything we found out about the area into information pages.

EYFS - World Wise Week 2021

KS1 - World Wise Week 2021

2021 Fairtrade Fortnight


During Fairtrade Fortnight we learnt all about what Fairtrade means. From EYFS to UKS2 everybody got involved and discovered how to make better choices that would help people around the world. Here is some of the work we produced.

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