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Base 2

Welcome to Base 2!

Hello and welcome to Base 2! We are a Reception class.

Our teacher this year is Miss Chetwood and our support staff are Mrs Unwin and Miss Sommerville.


We love exploring, playing, communicating and collaborating and have lots of exciting activities planned this year, so watch this space!



Our current Summer Term Topic is...

"Castles and Crowns"



In preparation for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, we will be using this topic, to explore all things royal through a variety of princess and prince themed traditional tales. We will explore the royal lifestyle from the clothes they wear, to the places they live, and begin to consider how royalty has changed since the Queen first took to the throne. Within this topic, we will junk model our own castles; dance as Snow White's seven dwarves; design and make our own crowns; create tissue paper stained glass windows; create our own storybooks; and even enjoy a visit to our local church! All of this will culminate in a fabulous street party to celebrate the Jubilee!


Our Favourite 5:



Look what we've been up to...


Our Church Visit:

05/05/22: Reception loved visiting Telford Minster. We learnt all about what a church is and why people go to them; we sang songs and danced; we went on a sheep hunt looking for 'The Lost Sheep'; and finished it all off with juice and a biscuit! Base 2 especially loved the coach trip and can't wait to go on another one soon!



09/05/22: Base 2 began their enquiry based learning, exploring magnetism! Today we had a play with the magnets and explored all the things they would stick to. We discovered that the magnets stuck to all of the metal things in the room. The children loved pretending to be magicians when they discovered that the repel of the magnets would let them push the magnets along the floor without even touching them!



Our previous Spring Term Topic is...


"Isn't it Amazing"

Within this topic, we will be exploring the theme of 'growing and changing'. We will be thinking about all the different things that helps things to grow as well as considering how things change as they grow. We will plant our own seeds, learning about what we need to do to look after these seeds and help them grow into flowers. We will then use this to help us think about what helps us to grow and how we can keep ourselves healthy and give our body what it needs. We will do lots of thinking about healthy eating and even have a go at making our own healthy snacks. We will be doing lots of thinking about how the world around us changes in Spring Time and have a look in the environment for lots of different signs of Spring.


Our Favourite 5:





Our previous Spring Topic:


"Can I switch it on?"



Within this topic, we will be investigating different sound and light sources; exploring our senses of sound and sight; exploring how sound and light can travel; investigating shadows and how they are created; and even exploring electricity and how it can 'switch things on'. We are also exploring Space in this topic and have a rocket role play area to match!


Our Favourite 5:



PE and Little Explorers:


Our PE days are Monday and Friday. Children can come dressed in their PE kit on these days - a pair of trainers, leggings/ shorts or jogging bottoms and a Randlay Primary School PE top.


This term our focus is on gymnastics, where we will be learning how to perform different types of rolls, jumps, balances and shapes safely.


Our Little Explorers day is Tuesday, where Mrs White will take the children out into the forest area to explore the natural environment and have fun looking out for different types of nature and signs of the seasons. We love to learn about how to look after our environment as well! 

It can be chilly out there this term, so don't forget to wrap up warm!


Also please make sure clothes are labelled so that nothing gets lost!




In Base 2 we love learning to read and exploring books, stories, rhymes and songs. To help us learn, we have a daily phonics session where we learn how to say and write our letter sounds. We also have three group reading sessions a week where we explore a decodable reading book. Our first session focuses on decoding the book, using our segmenting and blending skills. The second session explores reading with expression, and the third ensures we understand what our story is about and what all the words mean. 


Once we have read this book three times we can take it home for a week, where we can read it again. The school expectation is that this book is read at home at least 4 times and recorded in our reading record. This will really help us to develop not just our fluency, but also our love for reading. Not to mention, we can also earn a raffle ticket that might win us a book!


We also pick out a 'Reading for Pleasure' book each week and take it home in our book bags. We would love to share this book with you at home - maybe even as a special bed time story!


Both the decodable book and 'Reading for Pleasure' book are changed on Fridays.



Keep looking back on our page to see all the exciting work we get up to!




School starts at 9am be on time