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Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice

Recently, Miss Lear conducted a Pupil Voice with a range of children in KS1 and KS2 to get their perspectives on Art and Design Randlay.  


What is art?

YEAR 3 – it’s a time where you can express your feelings on paper and a fun activity.

YEAR 1 – Where you make something.

YEAR 2 – It’s having fun.

YEAR 5 – It’s way of inspiring how you think.

YEAR 2 – It’s all about detail.

YEAR 5 – It’s expressing yourself and your emotions change what you create.


Do you enjoy Art?

YEAR 3 – Yes more than anything because it relaxes me after a rough day and its peaceful.

YEAR 1 – Yes because I like making things for my family.

YEAR 2 – Yes because I like adding detail.

YEAR 3 – Yes because you can draw and make whatever you want.

YEAR 1 – Yes you can make stuff and you can draw and colour.

YEAR 5 – Yes, I do because it makes me feel strong and powerful because of all of the colour.

YEAR 5 – Yes, it’s one of the things I could do for hours and not get bored.


What were you learning in your last Art session?

YEAR 3 – We made chalk bubbles in golden time. We also did printing using a template we made and ink.

YEAR 1 – We were printing leaves and writing about art people.

YEAR 2 – We were doing leaf printing.

YEAR 3 – We did some printing and looked at some artwork and make some artist booklets.

YEAR 1 – We did leaf printing and we had to put water on the paper and then paint on the edge of the leaves and press down.

YEAR 5 – We made pyramids out of oil pastels. We used light blending and scrumbling to create it.

YEAR 2 – We made a toilet roll sculpture for ocean week.

YEAR 5 – We did printing with Styrofoam onto a butterfly.


Are there any artists you have recently learnt about?

YEAR 3 – Andy Warhol when we did printing and Van Gogh’s starry night.

YEAR 3 – Andy Warhol

YEAR 5 – Renoir

YEAR 2 – Picasso

YEAR 4 – Andy Warhol


Are you always successful in art?

YEAR 3 – I wouldn’t say always but if I put time in I am.


How do you know?

YEAR 3 – It looks how I want it to look or better.

YEAR 1 – I plan it to make sure it’s the right thing you want.

YEAR 5 – When I have the right amount of blending.

YEAR 2 – I have straight lines and curved the right kind of line.

YEAR 5 – When I have good proportions.


What do you have in the classroom that helps you learn in Art?

YEAR 3 – We have our work on display and we have oil pastels and paint and chalk behind the curtain.


Why do we have art lessons?

YEAR 3 – To make yourself better at drawing and learning about artists from history.

YEAR 1 – When you’re older you can be an artist if you want

YEAR 5 – So that you can grow up to be a brilliant artist if you want to/

YEAR 2 – So you can get better.

YEAR 5 – You can do it for pleasure and entertainment.

YEAR 4 – You can show and tell people what you’re thinking that you might be holding in.


Does Art help you with any other subjects? 

YEAR 3 – anything we have to draw in like English we had to describe a picture for our partner to draw from our description. 


What knowledge skills do you learn in art?

YEAR 3 – blending, modelling, sketching, mixing colours/blending, printing, outline, shading, crosshatching, stippling and smudging.

YEAR 1 – Dotting

YEAR 5 – scrifito

YEAR 2 – stippling

YEAR 5 – proportions

YEAR 4 – cross hatching, printing


Doors open at 8.35am and school starts at 8.45am be on time.