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Base 3

Welcome to Base 3.

We are a Year 3 class taught by two teachers; Mrs Maddock (Mon-Wed) and Mrs Cartwright (Thur-Fri). We hope that your child has a great year in our class, as we have lots of fun activities planned.



Important information.


Homework: Every Friday, homework will be handed out to the class, and will be expected to be handed in by the following Wednesday (at the latest). Our homework focus at the moment is based on My Maths. 


Please use the following links to improve your time skills:


Spellings: Children will be tested on their weekly spellings every Monday morning. Their new spellings will be given out every Friday. The spelling pattern will be linked to what they have been learning all week through the Spelling program we follow each day. Please take a look at the National Year 3/4 spelling list here - by the end of Year 4, each child should be able to spell these words.


Reading at home: Reading is a crucial part of every child's development. There will be numerous occasions throughout the week where children will have opportunities to take part in reading activities. It is also essential that they read at home at least five times a week. By doing this, they will receive a raffle ticket which could lead to winning a book of their choice! Please encourage them to read at every opportunity at home; listen to them read and ask them questions about the text. 




PE days: Base 3 will have Crossbar for PE sessions on Mondays and Fridays. Please ensure that your child brings their PE kits in to school at the start of the week. We suggest that it remains in school all week, just in case we want some additional active moments! Remember - our PE kit consists of a white t-shirt, blue/black shorts or jogging bottoms and trainers/pumps. 


Water bottles: Please encourage your child to bring a labelled water bottle into school. Learning can be thirsty work!  



After-school contact: If you need to speak to either of us about your child and their education, please feel free to catch us straight after school in Base 3.

Summer Term...

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So, the children are in their final term in Year 3 now! Where has the year gone? Our theme is one of the most exciting ones yet; Dragonology! That's right, the children in Base 3 are learning how to be dragonologists, and investigating where all of the dragons can be found across the world! Our assembly in June will be linked to this fantastic topic, so parents, be warned to be set on fire!  

Spring Term:


This term our topic has been linked to WATER!

We have been looking at the water cycle and recreated it using plastic bags and sharpie pens! 



A representative from Severn Trent Water also visited our school to talk about water usage in the home and how we can preserve our water as opposed to wasting it. It was very interesting and we all made promises to be better at saving water in the future. 



In science the children have been learning all about circuits in their electricity module. We even made a pupil's hair stand on end by creating static energy with a balloon! We designed posters to illustrate the dangers of electricity - one being that electric cables should not be anywhere near water! 




Autumn Term:



This half term we have been focusing on Predators. Most of our English work has been based on polar bears; from information pages to poetry, we have learnt many facts about this fascinating predator so far! 

Which predator do YOU think is the deadliest?

Which predator do YOU think is the deadliest? 1
Which predator do YOU think is the deadliest? 2
Which predator do YOU think is the deadliest? 3
Which predator do YOU think is the deadliest? 4
Which predator do YOU think is the deadliest? 5
Which predator do YOU think is the deadliest? 6
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