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Base 10

Welcome to the Base 10 family!


We are a creative Year 4 class with an adventurous spirit. We work hard, celebrate our achievements and have oodles of fun on the way.



Before you scroll down and have a look at what we've been up to, please take a minute to cast your eye over these important bits:


National Curriculum

If you would like to have an idea of what the children will be up to this year, the following link will give you access to the National Curriculum for Year 4. Take a deep breath and dive in!



This is the bedrock of a good education, and I can not stress how important it is. Children should  read everyday. In Base 10 I expect to see at least five reading diary entries each week which are rewarded with an entry into a raffle. Two of these entries should be by an adult. All of the children in Base 10 love reading to an adult, and it would help them if you let them read to you too. I have sent home a guide to the questions you can ask the children as they read, if you haven't received one I've got a pile of them here looking for a good home.  



P.E is every Tuesday and Friday. Weather permitting it is usually outdoors. It is a good idea if P.E kits are in school from Monday to Friday as we sometimes have last minute opportunities to stretch those legs and ramp up the fitness levels. The school P.E uniform consists of a white t-shirt, black or blue jumper/sweatshirt, black or blue shorts/joggers and trainers/plimsolls.  



Contrary to what the children tell you, this is not a form of punishment. Homework helps the children consolidate their learning or prepare for new subjects. It is set on a Friday and must be returned the following Thursday to be assessed and marked. In addition, the children are given spellings each Tuesday which they should practise in preparation for a test held the following Tuesday. Top tip: a good strategy for the children to learn their spellings is to look, cover, write, check.

Below is a statutory list of the spellings the children must learn by the end of year 4. These are not the only words we will teach the children to spell accurately. 

What have we been up to?


In Lower Key Stage 2  we strive to immerse the children in a creative and engaging curriculum where the key word is 'discovery'. Below are some examples of what we've been up to recently.  

School starts at 9 be on time