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Year 1/2 Hall of Fame!

Welcome to our Hall of Fame! 

We will be uploading all of the fantastic work you are doing at home! 

Well done for all of the work you are doing during these uncertain times. We are all very proud of you! smiley


Charlie has been really enjoying our topic about bees and has completed fantastic work around them! Well done Charlie!

Jessica has made her own bee and paper chain! Great work!

Ayvah has made a bee hotel and a bee fact file! Superb work Ayvah!

Charlie has been having a fantastic time at home! It was his birthday! Happy Birthday Charlie, We hope you had a superb day!

Max's Bug Hotel Project

Fantastic bug hotel by Phoebe in B11

Fantastic work by Charlie this week who has created an amazing den and art piece. It is great to see the superb progress you are making Charlie, Well done!

Lucy has had a fantastic week learning outdoors and building her den! Amazing work!

Well done Cason for all of the reading you have been doing at home!

Well done to all of our numbots experts this week! A fantastic effort!

Cooper has had a busy week completing lots of fantastic work! Well done Cooper!

Harry (B11) has started to grow his own plants! I wonder how they will grow?

Gregory and Paighton have been fishing! Wow, look at what they caught! It was also Gregory's Birthday last week! Happy Birthday Gregory, I hope you had a super 6th Birthday!

Fantastic Comprehension from Denis (B11)! We hope you enjoyed learning all about bees!

Cason (B8) has been working hard at home in a range of maths and science activities. These look like a lot of fun! Superb Work Cason! We are very proud!

Cason (B8) has been having fun creating his own den, with a design and writing! Incredible work Cason! It looks like a great place to relax.

Ayvah B9 has made a fantastic bean stalk! We love this imagination, superb work!

Cody from B9 has been practising his handwriting. We are all super impressed with your joining here!

Phoebe B11 has had lots of fun completing her creative tasks at home with her brother to help. Excellent work!

Charlie from B8 has had a busy week learning about Jack the Beanstalk! Wow, such fantastic writing Charlie!

Summer has been working hard learning all about Jack and the Beanstalk! Well done Summer!

Henely B11 has been working hard! A fantastic wanted poster!

Fantastic Work by Denis in B11. You have been working really hard!

Jessica (B9) has made a giant beanstalk! Amazing work Jessica!

Congratulations to all of our superb Numbots mathematicians!

Rudy (B9) has made a wanted poster and planted cress and sunflower seeds! Great work Rudy!

Charlie (B8) has had a busy week learning all about Jack and the Beanstalk! Fantastic work Charlie!

Fantastic Plant diagrams and craft by Max in B9!

Cole (B9) has been planting bulbs and flowers!

Charlie (B8) has produced fantastic work learning all about plants!

Cooper (B9) has had a creative week learning lots about plants!

Cooper (B9) has made a fantastic junk rocket! A great design, superb work! smiley

Jessica (B9) has found lots of flowers on her walk! She has also planted seeds in a pot noodle! What a great unusual container! Well done Jessica!



Lucy from B8 has made a custom plant pot for her cress to grow in! This is very inventive and looks very comfortable! Well done Lucy!

Lucy (B8) has also made biscuits based on our plant theme! These look so yummy!!


Summer (B9) has been learning all about plants!

Ayvah from Base 9 has wrote a story all about space! This is fantastic Ayvah, we really enjoyed reading this!


Ayvah has also made an amazing model rocket! I'm sure this rocket will go on many more adventures. Superb work Ayvah! 


Max (B9) Model Rocket

Jessica (B9) has been busy designing her junk rocket! This rocket looks like it can zoom all the way to space!

Summer (B9) Space Work

Jacob Base 9

Wow! An imaginative use of materials from Henley in B11! A fantastic junk rocket!


Harry from Base 11 has made some friends he would like to share! We love these Harry!  


We would love to share this amazing music video, starring our very own Lucy from base 8! Well done Lucy, its lovely to be involved in such a fantastic project, while showing your superb musical talents! We are very proud of you!

William (B9) has completed a bike challenge riding 11.84km in under an hour! How incredible! This is really quick!


Gregory (B8) and Paighton (B9) have been crafting their own junk rockets and decorating them using paint! 3, 2, 1, blast off!!

Wow!! This junk rocket by Ellie-Rose in B8 is amazing! Well done Ellie, you are a star! 


Charlie from B8 has completed  a range of activities all about space, including making a junk rocket, models of the solar system and seeing how far his rocket can blast! Charlie has also completed lots of research and writing about planets too! We can't wait to hear about all of the facts you have learnt! Well done Charlie, Mr. Nicholls is very proud of your writing! 

School starts at 9am be on time