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Year 1 and 2

Base 9 Home Learning 



Day 1: Make arrays at home. Video Lesson

Day 2: Make arrays Video Lesson

           Complete the worksheet. Answers 

Day 3: Making doubles. Video Lesson.

           Complete worksheet. Answers 

Day 4: Make equal groups. Video Lesson 


Day 5: Make equal groups. Video Lesson

            Complete worksheet. Answers 



Day 1: 

Look at a range of examples of ‘exquisite’ shoes explaining that Cinderella needs the most sensational shoes for her wedding!  Design a shoe (attached below). What exciting features could it have?  Use noun phrases to label ideas for inside and outside the shoe.


Day 2: Verbally describe the shoe.  One feature at a time describe Cinderella’s shoe using age appropriate features. E.g and, that, because. Then record these ideas around the shoe design. Encourage children to check work and spot any grammar or punctuation errors. Check for capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. 


Day 3: Hot seating. Sell your shoe and why she should buy it! Tell an adult why they should buy your shoe. Would they like to buy it?

To write a letter (template below) promoting the features of the shoe to Cinderella. Ask learners to consider their own designs before completing clear sections of writing based on the features on the inside and outside of their shoe. The sections must include clearly constructed to include the different sentence types correctly. Encourage the use of an additional question and exclamation sentences, e.g. Can you really live without such an incredible sling-back? What an amazing shoe this is!


Day 4: To complete posters advertising the shoe to promote the design. Use the Command sentences in the context of the poster. ‘You should buy this fabulous shoe it will change your life.’ 


Day 5: (Grammar edit below) Complete an editing focus. Model how to use proof reading to spot grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.  Look at how editing can improve a sentence e.g. adding/ changing adjectives, using a conjunction to add more detail.  Extension: Can you choose one of your own sentences from Cinderella's Letter and improve it?



Day 1 : Alternative spellings. Focus sound for the week 'n' silent 'gn' and 'kn'. 

            Watch the video and complete the tasks. 

Day 2: Complete the word search below. Then create sentences using 'gn' and kn' words. 

Day 3: Read the sentences from the story 'The King, the Knight and the Knave' (attached below). Look for                 any tricky words and 'gn' or 'kn' words. 

Day 4: Play Kim's game (words attached below). Read the words then hide one of the words and guess which word has been taken away. 

Day 5: Sentence dictation using focus words from this week.

Extend to using sentence starters to compose their own and then to composing independently.


School starts at 9am be on time