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Week 1: 20th April

Have a go at the Magic Biscuit task!

You need to read the text, answer the questions.

For the sick sentence part you need to improve those sentences using all your Year 3 and 4 techniques! They are so dull, I expect you to make them spectacular sentences!

Magic Biscuit Task

This week the Queen has one of her birthdays, read all about it and answer the questions! If you want something else to do, you could design and write her card. I'm sure she would like to receive one from you!

The Queen's Birthday Reading Comprehension

St. George's Day is this week too.  Find out who he is and why we remember him.

St. George's Day Reading Comprehension

Have you heard about Captain Tom Moore on the news? Find out more about him in this reading comprehension. If you want to do some extra research I bet Newsround have some information about him on their website.

Captain Tom Moore Reading Comprehension

School starts at 9am be on time