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Week 9: 22.06.20


Saturday 20th June was the first day of Summer! Lots of delicious fruits grow in summer, including succulent strawberries and ruby red cherries. This week’s home learning is all about fruit!


Go on a local walk and write a list of all the fruits that you spot growing. Some may be ready to eat but others may have only just started to grow.


Now create a tasty fruit salad for someone in your family. Which fruits will you put into your salad?


Maths Focus

· Can you cut your fruit into halves and quarters? Make sure they are all equal sizes!


Investigate oranges!

Do they always have an equal amount of segments?

Can you divide your orange into halves? Quarters?


Now repeat this activity with another orange. What did you find out?



Investigate this problem.

Writing Focus


Write an ingredient list for your fruit salad— write the    numbers in words.

For example— one melon, two bananas, four apples.


 Write the method of how you made your fruit salad. We will put these on the website and then your friend’s could have a go at making your recipes. How exciting!


Art Focus

 Fruit printing— apples, pears and lemons are great for printing. You could explore different colours and make patterns.

·Observational drawings—pay close attention to the detail of fruit and carefully draw what you see Pineapples are really interesting to draw and so is the inside of an  orange. 



PSHE Focus

Create a poster to promote healthy eating.         Remember you should be eating your five a day!


Rainbow of colours—  Think of as many fruits as you can for each of the colour categories.       Highlight your favourite in each colour group. 



Geography Focus

Sadly bananas don’t grow in our country!


Use the internet to  complete some research:


· Where do bananas come from?

· Find these countries on a map. Which continent are they in?

· Why don’t bananas grow in our country?

· Explore the banana’s journey from the place it’s grown to the shop.


Create a poster with the information that you find out!



School starts at 9am be on time