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Week 8: 15th June

Our Wonderful World


We are continuing with our theme "Our Wonderful World" this week. Here are a selection of activities you could have a go at at home! Don't forget to send photos of any completed work to our class email addresses:

Activity 1


We would like you to conduct your own research into the famous pop artist Andy Warhol. 


Watch the following video link to gather more information about his style of art: 

Read the following fact file to find out more about Andy Warhol's life: 

Use the information you have found out to write your own fact file of Andy Warhol's life. 


You could use the document below to help you with the structure or create your own template. 

Activity 2


Now you have conducted your own research into Andy Warhol and his life and art, we would like you to create a self portrait in his style. 


Look at his famous artwork of the American actress Marilyn Monroe: 

Look at how the artist has done the following things: 


  • Repeated the same image many times;
  • Used bright, unrealistic blocks of colour;
  • Used different colours in each image. 


Have a go at creating your own self-portrait in the same style.


If you are lucky enough to be able to print a picture of yourself, you could repeat this photograph four times, print it in black and white and use felt tips or watercolours over the top of the image. 


If you aren't able to do this, use a pencil to draw four pictures of yourself (try to make them as identical as you can. I know this might be tricky but do your best!). Then use bright coloured crayons, felt tips or paints to finish your self portrait. 


Remember to use bright, unrealistic colours and large blocks of colour! 


We can't wait to see your weird and wonderful designs! smiley



Activity 3


Have a go at making your own bird feeder using one of the methods below: 

Leave your bird feeder outside for a couple of days. See if you can spot any new species of bird in your garden or outside space! 


Create a tally chart of the birds you spot. You could use the bird spotter sheet below to help you: 

Once you have compiled your data, see if you can create a bar chart of your results. 


Use the template below or help you or create your own: 

Activity 4


Lockdown has been a very strange time for everyone, for both children and adults!


However, there have been some positive things to come out of lockdown. Have you learnt any new skills? Have you discovered any new talents? Have you learnt anything about yourself and found any hidden qualities you didn't realise you had? 


Think about these questions and write down any answers you have. We would love to hear all the things you have discovered about yourself during this time! 

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