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Week 6: 1st June

Plants and Growing Week 2


All of the activities below will be offline, meaning you will NOT need any device to complete them. Below you will find four activities which you can complete across the upcoming week.


I hope you enjoy the activities and be sure to email your class your amazing work! We miss seeing your wonderful achievements!

Design and Technology week


Our current topic is all about plants and growing. This week's Creative Curriculum will be focused on Design and Technology. Your project for this week will be to design and build a model greenhouse for growing your own vegetables

Activity 1



Do some research on greenhouses: use the Internet if you can or ask people in your house to help you. Think about these things: 


  • What materials are greenhouses made from?
  • What materials do you have in your house that you can use?  
  • How are greenhouse components fitted together? 
  • How will you fit your greenhouse components together? 
  • What vegetables grow best in greenhouses? 
  • What are the best locations for greenhouses? 

Activity 2


Now it is time to plan and design your greenhouse model. Use a blank sheet of paper to draw a picture of your greenhouse design. Don't forget to annotate your sketch to explain parts of your design. Use your research to explain why you have designed your greenhouse model in this way. 




Activity 3


You will now need to construct a model of your greenhouse that is large enough to grow a plant. You will need to measure your components carefully so that they fit together well. You may also need to source and specify your materials (the recycling bin might be a good place to start!). 



If you are lucky enough to have some seeds or bulbs in your house, once you have finished constructing your greenhouse, have a go at planting! You can see if your greenhouse helps your plants to grow or not.

Activity 4


An important part of the design process is evaluating your work to see if it has been successful. Think about these questions to help you evaluate your work: 


  • How did you find the process of making your model? Which parts of the making process did you find easier and which did you find trickier? 
  • Did you have to change your design at all? How did you change it and why did you have to do this? 
  • If you were to build this greenhouse again, what would you change and why?
  • If you had seeds or a bulb and managed to plant them, did they grow or not? Why do you think this happened/did not happen? What could you do differently next time to ensure your plant grows? 
  • Would you like to design greenhouses for a living? Why or why not?

If you do complete this week's DT project, please don't forget to send us some photos of your work to the class email addresses shown above!


We always look forward to seeing your amazing work smiley

School starts at 9am be on time