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Week 5: 18th May

'Plants and Growing'

All of the activities below will be offline, meaning you will NOT need any device to complete them.

Below you will find four activities which you can complete across the upcoming week.


I hope you enjoy the activities and be sure to email your class your amazing work! We miss seeing your wonderful achievements!


Activity 1 - Leaf Rubbings

What you will need:

  • Crayon
  • Dry leaves
  • Paper


What to do:

1. Put a leaf under this sheet.

2. Rub the crayon on the paper on top of the leaf.

3. Watch your leaf rubbing appear on the paper.

Activity 2 - Fill in the blanks

Fill in the spaces with the words from the plant pot!

Activity 3 - What parts make up a plant

Can you dissect a flower?


How to:


  1. Find a growing flower.
  2. Dissect the flower into parts.
  3. Identify the different parts. 

Activity 4 - Celery Experiment

We are going to find out how plants absorb water and grow. 


What you need:


  • Clear glass cup

  • Fresh Celery stalks with leaves. 

  • Water

  • Food Colouring


What you do:

  • Separate and select stalks of celery with leaves.
  • Cut about a quarter inch off the bottom. 
  • Put about 200ml of water into glass cup.
  • Drop 3-4 drops of food colouring into the cup. 
  • Place stalks into the water and using stalk stir very gently until food colouring is dispersed evenly.
  • Make a prediction about what will happen. Write it in a simple sentence.
  • Over the next 3 days come back and make observations about what has changed. On the third day cut the bottom of the celery and you can see where the water was transported up into the celery stem.
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