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Week 5: 18.05.20

Outdoor Adventure



For our next mini theme we are going to be taking our adventures outside to create, explore and have fun and food in the fresh air.




Den Building



Can you design and create your own secret hideout

Where will be the best location for it?

What will you keep inside?


Complete a drawing of your den and label all of its special features.


Writing focus

Complete a guide to promote your hideout den.  Explain what it is like inside your den, what do you need to have in your den and why?  Who would you like to stay in your den? What would you do? Can you complete a map to show its location?


Use the five sentence story openers to write an imaginary adventure story about staying in your night overnight.


Once upon a time…







Design and Make Picnic Party!


Can you design and make a menu for a fantastic picnic event


This could be for your family or for a teddy bears picnic.  What will you have to eat and drink? 


Think about the ‘user’ and the purpose.


Who is this for and will they like the food that you serve? 

Is your menu suitable for outdoor dining? 

What are the positives and difficulties of eating outside? 


Evaluate the success of your picnic.  Would you do anything differently next time?


Did you use any of these key design and technology skills?





  • Read the divisions on the scale of a measuring jug to find out the capacity of your drinking cups.  Will you need to measure out anything else?
  • Fractions feast- How will you serve your food?  Will you cut anything into equal parts? What fraction of the whole amount is each serving?
  • Time- What time will your picnic start? Will you need to cook anything and time how long this takes?

Outdoor Physical Challenges

Maths link- Time.  Explore what you can do in one minute.  Here are a few ideas to get you started but you can choose anything you like: 


  • Catch and throw a ball
  • Complete shuttle runs a set distance
  • Perform a two feet together jump over a skipping rope/ stick. 
  • Complete your activities once each day, can you improve your scores over the week? 


Create your own races and time how long it takes to complete the race. Can you beat your times?


Can you find out some fascinating facts about a famous explorer?  Why are they famous?  What did they discover?  You could choose one of these explorers or one of your own.


  • Charles Darwin 
  • Captain Scott 
  • Christopher Columbus

We hope you enjoy going on your own outdoor adventure this week! 


You can view the PDF file below to see an overview of these tasks. 

School starts at 9am be on time