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Week 3: 4.05.20

Our theme for this week is Jack and the Beanstalk



Over the next two weeks we would like to focus our growing theme on the fairy tale of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’


Please choose from the ideas suggested and complete as many of these with the time and resources that you have available.


Remember to send your finished  activity to your class email if you can. We would love to see what you have been getting up to!


Watch a version of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ online or read the story if you have it at home.


Jack and the Beanstalk

Here you can watch a version of Jack and the Beanstalk. Could you discuss the story with an adult or sibling?


Draw around your body on large paper to create your own giant and label it with noun phrases, e.g. enormously large feet!


  • Then you could use this to help you create a ‘Wanted’ poster for the Giant. The Giant is wanted for being greedy and cruel!
  • Draw a picture of the ugliest Giant you can and then write a description of his appearance, behaviour and add the sorts of things that he might say. Include as many important details as you can.
  • Could you include a question or exclamation in your description?





Draw a picture to show five main events in the story using the openers listed below. Add as much detail to each picture as you can and talk about what is happening at each point in the story. The emphasis here is talk for writing and the drawing should support ideas for writing later.


Once upon a time…






Writing Focus- Please use your picture plan from above and the suggested section openers to help structure your version of the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.Extend your story and complete a whole side of paper or more if you can.

D & T / Art


Please make a junk modelled castle using any spare boxes or construction equipment such as Lego that you might have at home. It can be large or small and can include as many features and props as you would like to include.

It is quite good fun to make some small straw, stick or cardboard tube puppets of each of the main characters in Jack and the Beanstalk to position inside your castle model. Then retell the story using your small scale puppets. They do not need to be super fancy, just do your best with what you have.



A fun link might be to grow some beans in a jar and watch the changes taking place over time. They could be measured over coming weeks and photographed at their different stages of growth. These could be used in a Bean Diary.



For more instructions, visit this website

Growing Beans

If you don't have access to the materials for this task, you can watch the video below and record what happens each day as it grows.

Here is an example of a bean diary. You do not need to print or use this example but it might help give you some ideas on how to record your bean growing.

You can also view the BBC bitesize page for more information about the life cycle of plants.


 Draw around a foot of the person in your house with the biggest feet!


Year 1- Cut the foot out and use the foot to measure a large space at home, e.g. your garden or the living room. How many ‘feet’ long is it? (non-standard measure)


Year 2- Please find things shorter than a Giants foot around your home. You will need to measure how many centimetres long the foot is and then take the measurements of at least 10 items from around your home that are shorter. Record each measurement in cm’s and then order them from smallest to largest. Find the difference between measurements taken by comparing 2 objects. (Standard units of measure)



Have fun completing the tasks as you can. We miss you very much!


An overview of these tasks can be downloaded from the following PDF file. 


Jack and the Beanstalk Tasks

School starts at 9am be on time