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Week 3: 4th May

At the end of this week, on 8th May, it is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, your work this week will be related to this event.

Task 1: Find out more about VE Day, below I have put some information about it, read them and find out what it is and why we are still remembering it.  You can also check out the newsround website, they have information about VE Day too. 

Task 2: Create a newspaper report imagining you are a reporter on VE Day. 

You can download the newspaper format I have attached or you can create your own on a piece of paper, you can divide a piece of paper into columns like a newspaper and make a section for a headline. There is a VE Day newspaper template on Purple Mash if you would like to use your computer to produce your newspaper report. 

Whilst you are writing think about telling your readers:

What and why

What happened on VE Day?

Why were people celebrating?

How long had the war gone on for?

What might you have seen and why during the celebrations?

Why did crowds gather outside Buckingham Palace?


Tell me when it happened?


Did anyone tell you how they felt?

What did they say?

Make sure you include information about the witness, like their name and age.

Task 3: On VE Day people had big street parties.There were going to be big celebrations for the 75th Anniversary of VE Day but they have had to be cancelled. I would like it if you could plan your own, at home VE Day celebration. You will need to think about food and drink for your party, the music you will play, and decorations. People used flags and bunting to decorate, make some for your party. Have fun and send me a picture of your celebration! I have put some photographs from VE Day below for some inspiration.

VE Day Photographs

Bunting Template, download it our make your own!

Task 4: Join in with the 2 minute silence on 8th May at 11 a.m 
School starts at 9am be on time