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Week 2: 27th April

Creative Curriculum Week 2


All of the activities below will be offline, meaning you will NOT need any device to complete them.


Below you will find four activities which you can complete across the upcoming week.


I hope you enjoy the activities and be sure to email your class your amazing work! We miss seeing your wonderful achievements!

Activity 1: DT


We would like you to make an animal habitat using an old shoe box or cereal box. Think of your favourite animal and make it using materials you can find around your house. Decorate the box to show the habitat of the animal you have chosen. 


Here are some photographs to inspire you: 

If you don't have the materials at home to make your own shoe box habitat, have a go at making your own Bug Hotel using natural materials you can find outside. 


You could make yours look something like this: 

Have fun with your creations! Don't forget to share your achievements with us by sending us a photograph of your finished work to our new class email addresses. We miss seeing you and your wonderful work! smiley

Activity 2: Science


Think about the work we did in school about food chains. 


Can you identify a food chain you can see in your garden or through your window? 


Draw and label the food chain that you can see. For example: 


Remember to label your food chain using key Scientific vocabulary: 

  • Producer
  • Consumer (primary, secondary, tertiary)
  • Prey 
  • Predator 
  • Herbivore
  • Carnivore
  • Omnivore 


Don't forget to send us a photograph of your work to our new class email addresses if you can! 


Activity 3: RE


This year, the Islamic month of Ramadan began on Thursday 23rd April and will continue until Saturday 23rd May. 


Watch the video below to find out more about Ramadan or read the fact file. Maybe you could do some of your own research on the Internet!

Create your own factfile or poster all about Ramadan. 


You could think about the following questions: 


  • What is Ramadan? 
  • What happens during Ramadan? 
  • Who celebrates Ramadan? 
  • Why do Muslims fast during Ramadan?
  • How do Muslims fast during Ramadan? 
  • What happens at the end of Ramadan? 


Challenge question: What might be different for Muslims celebrating Ramadan this year? Think about what is currently happening in the UK and many other countries around the world. 


Draw your own pictures or find some from the Internet to add to your poster or factfile.

We have also set a Ramadan research 2do on Purple Mash so please use that if you would rather present your information online smiley


Don't forget to email a photograph of your completed work to us if you can!  

Activity 4: PSHE/Science


The RSPCA is a charity, which works to protect animals and their habitats in the UK. 


Read the RSPCA Wild Animals Fact Box below: 



Think of your favourite animal and draw a picture of it in its natural habitat. 


What are the threats to your animal's natural habitat? Label these on your poster. 


You could think about: 

  • Pollution 
  • Global warming 
  • Deforestation 
  • Plastic waste
  • Overfishing/hunting


How could we overcome these threats to your animal's habitat? Label these on your poster too. 


Don't forget to email us a photograph of your completed posters if you can! 

School starts at 9am be on time