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Week 12: 13.07.20

Amazing Animals Arts Week

The Rainforest is home to many amazing animals.  Have a look through the PowerPoint to find out about just some.  Look carefully at the animals to give you some inspiration for your artwork.  Look at their colours, patterns, shapes and sizes.  You may like to sketch some of these as you go along.


‘Surprised’ is a famous painting by Henri Rousseau.

Look at the scene. 





What can you see? What is happening?  What details have been included? Have a go at creating your own Rainforest inspired scene using an animal of your choice.  To give you some ideas you could watch this clip from the National gallery.

A collage could be an effective way to create the layers of the rainforest but you are free to be creative and use any technique you choose..

Here a few ideas.





Many artists express themselves through creative writing such as poetry.

Planning- First, create a word bank of ideas to help you, this should include lots of adjectives to describe a range of rainforest animals such as stripy, ferocious, tiny, etc… verbs to describe movements e.g. leaping, slithering, hovering and adverbs to describe how e.g. softly, quietly, quickly.

Use your ideas to create a list poem to describe what your might see in the rainforest using the pattern of

Adjective, adjective __(animal)____ verb adverb.

A beautiful, blue butterfly fluttering resting softly.

Challenge: Can you use some alliteration, where you use two or more words that start with the same sound next to each other? E.g. beautiful, blue butterfly.


Creative maths

Create repeating or symmetrical patterns using shapes, colours or pictures. Can you create you make your pattern go in different directions?    


Butterfly Cards

  • Four children were sharing a set of twenty-four butterfly cards. It looked easy! They could have six each.
    But it was far from easy!




First Kim said, "I like the ones with curly antennae. I want those!"
"I don't like the ones with oval heads," complained Wim, "But want all the others!"
Jim only wanted the ones with yellow spots.
Tim wanted butterflies which only had dark wings and blue spots.
"You can't have two things," complained Jim, "That's greedy! You'll get more cards!"
Do you think he was right?

Are there any cards that nobody wants?
Are there any cards that all the children want?
Are there any cards that just one child wants?
Can all the children have the cards they want?

Can you think of a fair way for them to share out the cards?

You might like to print off an A4 copy of the cards.


Butterfly Flowers

Look at these butterflies and flowers.  All of them have a number.


Can you find two butterflies to go on each flower so that the butterfly numbers add to the flower number?

Which pair of butterflies has no flower to go to?  Why?

Which flower cannot have a pair of butterflies on it?  Why?



Thank you for all of your hard-work with the home learning tasks. We hope you have a fantastic summer and look forward to welcoming you back in September! 


You can view the documents below for more information about this weeks tasks.




School starts at 9am be on time