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Week 10: 29th June

Our Wonderful World


We are continuing with the theme "Our Wonderful World" this week. Join in with these activities at home if you can! Don't forget to send photos of any completed work to our class email addresses:

Activity 1


This week would have marked the start of Wimbledon, the UK's major tennis championship.


Have a go at this Maths activity based on the shape of a tennis court: 

If you have some resources at home, you could have a go at these craft activities: 

You could even have a game of tennis if you have the equipment at home smiley 

Activity 2

This week, we will be learning about India. India is a country which has the second largest population in the world and is where the Hindu and Sikh faiths began. Did you know that the game snakes and ladders also originated in India?


Read the fact file below comparing India with the United Kingdom or conduct your own research online. 

Complete a UK and India comparison fact file of your own. Think about the similarities and differences between the two countries. You could use the template below to help you or devise your own: 

Activity 3


Our topic is all about our wonderful world and one of the most fantastic things about our world is the variety of different languages that are spoken all across the world. Is there a language you have always wanted to learn? Could it be Spanish, German or even Mandarin or Arabic? Here is your chance to learn a few phrases! Take part in this week's Language Challenge using an online translation tool (such as Google Translate). 


Click on the link below to access Google Translate:

When you click on the link, Google Translate will look like this:



The language on the left should read English (shown by the blue circle). This box is where you type in the words you want to translate. Choose the language you want to translate into by clicking the down arrow in the right box (shown by the red circle). 


Wow! Look how many languages you can translate into: 



When you have typed in your word into the left hand box, the translation will appear on the right. You can hear the word being spoken out loud by pressing the volume button (shown by the black circle). Why don't you practise your speaking skills too? 



Click on the Language Challenge sheet below to find the words we would like you to translate. You can always choose your own if you would prefer! Good luck smiley

Activity 4


Have a go at making a Happiness Box. You can use this when you are feeling sad or angry to help you feel calmer. You get to decorate your box and fill it with lots of items which make you feel happy. Read the instructions below to find out more: 

School starts at 9am be on time