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Week 1: 20.4.20

Science and D.T. 

This week, we would like you to build your very own space rocket! 



Once you have built your rocket, you may want to:

· Label your rocket with post-it notes, explaining each of the key parts.

· Write an adventure story about your rocket.

· Write about where you would love to travel to in your rocket—it could be anywhere.

· Measure the height of your rocket. How many Lego bricks tall is it? Which of your toys are the same height? How many cm tall is your rocket?

· Use the internet to found out more about the Apollo missions. You could  even watch the rockets launch!

· Take your rocket outside. If possible draw around the shadow it makes with chalk. Check back at different times of the day to see how it’s changed. You could even measure the length of the  shadows!

· Most importantly, have lots of fun!



Bringing The Virtual World of Animals To You. #MoTheZooKeeper #animalman #minizoo

As a little extra, here is Mo the Zoo Keeper giving some fantastic facts about some interesting animals! Maybe you could design a fact file or poster about your favourite one?

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