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Our Work

On this page you will find the incredible work we have completed in Base 11! 


Our Stars of the week this week are






Well done for your fantastic work this term! 





This week we have been reading the story " The Magic Bed". We have been writing our own stories about the adventures we could go on if we had a magical flying bed. The children used the green screen to go on a magical journey around different places across the globe!


Black History Month (W/K 19/10/20)

This week we have been learning about key individuals who made changes in history. We focused on Rosa Parks, who was incredibly influential in the civil rights movement in America. 


We completed portraits of Rosa Parks as well as a recount of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. See some amazing examples below. 


We were lucky to have a visit from the animal man this week. He brought in a range of nocturnal animals that we were allowed to hold and stroke. It was a fantastic experience! 



In music, we have been focusing on using different rhythms and playing to a beat. 

We have used different rhythm words to compose and perform our own pieces using body percussion

Art and D.T

In art this term, we have been focusing on taking inspiration from our garden. We have designed and created a garden in a shoe box, painted sunflowers and built clay gnomes. We even used our paint mixing skills to solve a mystery.


See the pictures below for examples of our art activities! 

In D.T we made mobile homes for the gnomes so they could travel to other gardens!

We tested and raced them, using them in our science investigation to see which material allowed the vans to go the furthest! 



We have been focusing on our school theme of respect. We had a visit from a lonely monster named Mux who struggled to make friends. We made a friend potion, with the help of a good witch to help Mux be a good friend. 


We have also drew portraits of our friends in the class too! 

We also used to rainbow fish to think about how important it is to respect and share with your friends. We created a class collage of the rainbow fish to show how we all belong and are unique within our class. 



In maths this term we have been focusing on place value and addition, using objects and parts to show and add numbers together! 

School starts at 9am be on time