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John Randall (away)


Goalkeeper: Zack

Defenders: Archie, Joshua, Ethan B, Qais

Midfielders: Ben (c), Munji, Danny

Strikers: Ethan A, Stevel


Goal Scorers: Archie, Ben and Munji


John Randall put up a good fight against Randlay. However, they conceded in the early stages of this spectacular game played by both teams. The first goal was put away by Archie with a terrific team effort. Just before the half time whistle Archie Wooley had a great chance however the opposition goalkeeper pulled off an outstanding save from a great shot. Once the second half had got underway Ethan Banks (who was making his debut for the Randlay team) took on a sensational shot from distance that sadly hit the post but which meant Ben could tap it in to get the second goal of the game. GGOOAALL!!


Now the Randlay team had a further grip on the game and was sure to get the first win of the league. Not long after Munji had some great skills to chip one of the player and skilfully took on the other then slotted it in the bottom right hand corner to get the third goal of the game. Finally the final whistle of the game went and Randlay had won 3-0; Randlay are now top of league table on goal difference.


What a great game that was hopefully the Randlay team will carry on this great teamwork to win their next game against Hollinswood.      

School starts at 9am be on time