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Disclaimer: We won't be adding to this spelling section weekly as we expect you to work through either the 1 / 2 or 3 / 4 spelling lists. Spellings are an incredibly important skill which your child will need throughout life, so please take advantage of the section below to help continue your child's spelling learning journey. 

We would like you to either work on perfecting your Year 1 / 2 words or continue to work on your Year 3 / 4 spelling lists which can be found below! Keep scrolling to find some engaging activities to help make your spellings a bit more fun!


Spellzone is a great website which we subscribe to at Randlay. It offers lots of great personalised tasks for your child to improve spelling proficiency.  

If you would like to access this website, go to the website below and click on ‘Login’ in the top right hand corner.

Each child has a unique login. Your child’s login will be their first initial followed by their surname.

For example:

If your child was called Joe Bloggs you would take the first initial and full surname making your child’s username:


Everyone’s password is the same (no capitals):


When you have logged in take the ‘Spelling Ability Test’ which will help guide and tailor your journey on the website.


We have gathered some useful activities which would greatly help your child to learn their spellings. We have added image examples below to show you real examples of children completing the activities. At the bottom you can access to word documents to download and to find further directions on how to complete the activities. If you don't have access to a printer to print the documents, use a blank piece of paper to recreate the activity. 


Every week, we will be adding 3 weekly reading activities at the top of this page. Click on the star for that week to see the activities. 


We would also like to encourage you to read as much as possible! This does not just have to mean books. Reading materials are everywhere! Read a newspaper, a magazine, a comic book... the list is endless. Enjoy picking up and reading something you would not normally go for. 

Read Theory

If you have access to a device and the Internet, we would like you to sign up to the Read Theory website. This website will help you to improve your reading and comprehension skills at home. You will find the link to the website below and instructions on how to sign up and allocate yourself to your Base.
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