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Creative Curriculum WB 22.06.20


What is propaganda?

Propaganda was used to influence the public in different ways. Propaganda is the spreading of information in order to influence the public and serve the interests of the messenger. 

Propaganda can take many forms, including text, images, videos and more. 

Propaganda is most commonly used to spread a particular political message and has been used historically during times of conflict. 


During World War II, German aircraft would often drop leaflets from the sky, to influence British people that their government was wrong. 
Why do you think posters were the best way to get information to the British public?



Types of propaganda

  • Bandwagon - this aims to encourage people to do something simply because a lot of other people are doing it.
  • Testimonial - this relies on experts and respected sources to promote a particular idea. 
  • Repetition - repeating a message helps it stick in the mind of the audience. 
  • Emotive language - this gives a message an emotional weight and appeals to the audience


Still image for this video

Propaganda Example 

Looking at the poster,

1. Who is in the poster?

2. What message is this poster putting across?

3. How would it make people feel?

Activity - Propaganda Poster

During World War II, these slogans were commonly used on propaganda posters.

1. 'Dig for Victory'

2. 'Make do and Mend'

3. 'Keep Calm and Carry on'

4. Tittle Tattle lost the battle'


It is your task to design your own Propaganda Poster using one of the slogans above! You can be as creative as you wish with your poster.

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