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Creative Curriculum WB 11.05.20

The Germans are coming! It's time to evacuate...


This week, you will be taking on the roll of an evacuee during World War Two. You will be learning about why children were evacuated, where they went, what they were aloud to bring with them and what life was like for them in their new homes.

Quick... Hurry...!! It's time to get ready to be evacuated!

Activity 1 - Time to Pack!

Still image for this video
Watch the following video (15 seconds is spent on each slide so you might want to get ready to pause!) to learn more about evacuation.

Your first activity is at the end of video.

For Activity 1, if possible, I would like you to pack your very own suitcase with your belongings inside! It would be amazing to see a picture of you dressed up as a WWII evacuee (with your suitcase!) ready for your adventure in the countryside.

Activity 2 - Make your own gas mask box

Activity 3 - Dear mum...

Watch some of the following clips: (this is CBBC series where modern day children experience what it was like to be an evacuee)


Listen to the Queen! Yes, our current Queen Elizabeth II was only a young girl (a princess) during the war. Listen to Princess Elizabeth speaking to the children over the radio in 1940:


Also think about what you have read in the 'The Lion and the Unicorn' in the guided reading home learning.


Imagine you have been evacuated to the countryside with all of your belongings you will need in a small suitcase. You have arrived in the countryside, waited for a family to choose you, and are now staying with your new family. 


Write a letter to your parents back in the city talking about your experience.


Things you might want to consider:

  • Feelings/thoughts when travelling on the train
  • Feelings/thoughts when being picked by a new family
  • What your new family is like - have they got any children of their own? Do you like them? Talk about their personalities!
  • What jobs you have to do for your new family
  • Do you like the countryside? Is it different to being in a city where there is bombing?
  • When do you hope to see your family again
School starts at 9am be on time